Consider and Be Rebuilt

The walls, of Jerusalem,
Not the forgotten one of Pisa, Maya or Berlin
Not the miracle of Babel that spread them.
Oh the Pentagon that came down on 9/11
Now in its place towers point to the skies
Lives battered and shattered along the eyes
in search of the alphas and deltas of life
hopes lost, a passing scenery comes to knife
Not the Jericho founded on blood.
Dreams, startups, homes, hopes, every mood
shattered in ashes, even at NYSE.

The spirit it is that moves men
To rise from the ashes and from the dust
Once to existence and next to resurrection must
there is nothing in all these wen
That will not rise anew as faith rebuilds, then
the shadows, realities in motion, the outsiders
The damage that we do to the earth, to ourselves or to others
God himself, believe it or not,
Has set a system and the Spirit to rebuild:

Let Jesus Christ Rebuild you.

Dele Israel
Abuja Nigeria, 13th June 2016
Consider and Be Rebuilt

Written in Response to The Daily Prompt

Psalm 28:5 Culled From The Inspired Bible Copyright ©2016