1 Thessalonians 3

1. When wherefore, we could no more bear it, we thought it proper to stay behind at Athens and wait.
2. And we sent Timotheos, our brother and servant of God, and our co-worker in the proclamation of the gospel of Christ, to establish you and encourage you concerning your faith.
3. So that no one is shaken because of these persecutions , for ye yourselves know that for these we are set.
4. For indeed, when we were with you, we told you, foretelling to you beforehand, about the oppositions, and so it has come to pass, even as you see.
5. For this reason, when I could no longer bear it, I sent to know about your faith, lest perhaps, you have been tempted by the tempter, and all our suffering would be to no avail .
6. However, now, Timotheos has returned to us from you, and brought good news about you to us, of your faith, and your love, and also that you have good remembrance of us at all times, longing to see us, just as we also for you.
7. It is for these that were encouraged, brethren, over you, in all our sufferings, and it is necessary for us, because of your faith.
8. Because now we live, if you keep standing steadfast in the Lord.
9. For this, we are able to give thanks to God concerning that which he has rendered to you, for all the joy with which we rejoiced because of you, before our God.
10. Night and day, praying much exceedingly, that we see you, and to face you, and complete those things which are lacking in that faith of yours.
11. And our God himself, who is also our Father, and our Lord Jesus, direct our way to you.
12. And the Lord make you superabundant beyond measure in love to one another, and to everyone, even as we also [have] towards you.
13. So that he might establish your hearts, blameless in holiness before God, and our Father, in the presence of our Lord Jesus, with all those he made holy by himself, Amen.

Started translation 15:46 pm 31st December 2016, Completed 23:53 pm 1st January, 2017.

© 2017 Lay Bible Translation Group

1 Thessalonians 3

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