Galatians 1 – The Inspired Bible

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Galatians 1

  1.  Paul, an apostle, not [commissioned][1] by men[2], neither through [the means] of man, but rather, through Jesus Christ, and also, by God the Father, who by himself raised him up[3] from the dead.
  2. Also, those with me, and all the brethren, to the churches[4] of Galatia:
  3. Grace[5] to you, and peace [proceeding] from God the Father, and from our Lord Jesus Christ.
  4. Who[6] gave himself for the sake of our sins, so that he might deliver [rescue, save, pluck out] us out from the impending[7] world[8] of calamity[9], in accordance with the will of God, who also is our Father.
  5. To him belongs the glory, [honour and praise] [from[10] this age and into eternity, Amen.
  6. I am perplexed[11] because you have so abruptly[12] departed[13] and separated from your calling with the grace of Christ to another gospel.
  7. Although there is not really another [gospel] in existence[14], rather, there are those[15] who are causing disquiet[16] among you, and also those with the desire to pervert[17] the gospel[18] of Christ.
  8. However, even if we or an angel from heaven preach[19] another gospel to you, opposed to that gospel[20] which was proclaimed by me[21] to you; let him be cursed.
  9. As we [have] said before, I now say again: If anyone [whatsoever], preach[22] any good news to you different[23] from that [gospel which was] received by you [from us], let him be cursed.
  10. For do I seek now to persuade men rather than God? Or do I seek to please men? For indeed, if I strive still to please men, I would not really be the servant of Christ.
  11. But I make known to you brethren, the gospel [good news]; for the gospel [preached] by me is not according to man.
  12. For I did not receive it from any man, neither was it taught to me [by any man]; rather, through revelation [was it made plain[24] to me] by Jesus Christ.
  13. For you heard about[25] my lifestyle [which was] formerly in Judaism[26]; how that fervently and surpassing others, I persecuted the church of God, and indeed [sought] to destroy it.
  14. Indeed [also], I advanced[27] in the Jewish faith and religion[28] above many of my age, in my own nation[29] being exceedingly more zealous than others in my adherence[30] to the tradition of my ancestors[31].
  15. But when it pleased God, he[32] set me apart from my mother’s womb, and called me by[33] his grace[34].
  16. To reveal his Son to me; so that by me, the gospel should be proclaimed among the heathen [nations][35]; immediately I did not consult[36] with flesh[37] and blood.
  17. Neither did I go up to Jerusalem to those who were apostles before me. But I went into Arabia, and [was there] until I returned to Damascus.
  18. Thereafter, after three years [there], I went up to Jerusalem to visit [and be acquainted with][38] Petros[39] [Peter], and I remained with him fifteen days.
  19. But of the other apostles, I saw none, except Jacob[40] [James] the Lord’s brother.
  20. Now, these things which I now write to you, behold, before[41] God that ever is, I lie not.
  21. Thereafter, I came into the regions[42] of Syria and Cilicia[43].
  22. And I was unknown by face to the believers[44] of Judaea, who were in Christ.
  23. But that they heard only, that he who persecuted us in times past, now evangelises[45] the [truth of the] faith which before he sought to destroy.
  24. And they glorified God for [in] me

Notes to Galatians 1

[1] Or, consecrated, appointed, commissioned, chosen or sent with orders]

[2] human beings

[3] out

[4] ekklessia, gatherings of believers, assemblies, congregations

[5] Or favour

[6] He

[7] Or present

[8] age, time

[9] evil, wickedness

[10] in

[11] marvelled, astonished

[12] suddenly

[13] changed, fallen away

[14] Galatians 1:7a Alternative rendering: ‘Which is not really another gospel’

[15] Or, some among you

[16] Or stirring trouble

[17] pervert

[18] good-tidings

[19] evangelise

[20] good news

[21] Or, us

[22] or brings, proclaims, announces

[23] [not exactly, opposed, apart, beside]

[24] known, disclosed

[25] of

[26] Greek Ἰουδαΐσμός ‘Ioudaismos’, Judaism, Jewish faith and religion

[27] Literally ‘drove forward’, also progressed

[28] Greek ‘Ioudaismos’, Judaism

[29] country

[30] commitment

[31] fathers

[32] who

[33] Or, through

[34] Galatians 1:15 Alternative rendering But when it pleased God, he[34] set me apart from my mother’s womb, and called me by himself to his grace.

[35] multitudes, tribes

[36] Or, confer, communicate

[37] Greek, σάρξ ‘sarx’ [also human being]; as opposed to ἄνθρωπος ‘anthropos’ [man, human being]; or σῶμα ‘soma’ [body]; or broma’ [meat or food];

[38] enquire,

[39] Textus Receptus, Septuagint and Apostolic Polyglot, reads ‘Petros, Byzantine 2005++, Tischedndorf and Westcott  Hort read Kephas.

[40] Greek Ἰάκωβος Iakōbos

[41] Literally ‘the face’ figuratively ‘presence of’

[42] Also, provinces

[43] Greek ‘Kilikia’ Κιλικία

[44] Literally, ‘called out ones, also churches. Greek, ἐκκλησία

[45] preaches

Copyright ©2016, Lay Bible Commission Worldwide
Galatians 1 – The Inspired Bible

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